Friday, October 19, 2012

SQL Server : How to Keep Database Restore History

Recently, one of our DBA restored a database on live server, but with old backup accidently. Later on, we have found that it was hard to detect which backup was actually restored. To check, which backups we have created for database we have a perfect script, which you can find over here and here. But unfortunately no such script found anywhere to get restore history.
Here is a script, we have used to create a job, which will fetch restore related log entries from SQL Server Log and will archive it to a user created history table.

Script Purpose: To Keep Database Restore Log
Script By : Aasim Abdullah for
USE master
CREATE TABLE DatabaseRestoreLog
(DatabaseName VARCHAR(50), RestoreDate DATETIME, RestoredFrom VARCHAR(500))
/****** Start: Job step script *****/
-- Table variable to hold intermediate data
      [log_date] [datetime] NULL,
      [processinfo] [varchar](255) NULL,
      [processtext] [text] NULL
DECLARE @NumErrorLogs INT,
    @CurrentLogNum INT
SET @CurrentLogNum = 0
-- Get total number of log files from registry
EXEC master.dbo.xp_instance_regread N'HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE',
    N'Software\Microsoft\MSSQLServer\MSSQLServer', N'NumErrorLogs',
    @NumErrorLogs OUTPUT
SELECT @NumErrorLogs = ISNULL(@NumErrorLogs, 6)
 -- NULL in registry entry for Error Log files mean default of 6 value
WHILE @CurrentLogNum < @NumErrorLogs
        insert into @ReportSQLErrorLogs
                exec master..xp_readerrorlog @CurrentLogNum
        PRINT @CurrentLogNum
        SELECT @CurrentLogNum = @CurrentLogNum + 1
INSERT INTO DatabaseRestoreLog
SELECT SUBSTRING(processtext, CHARINDEX('base:', processtext, 1) + 5,
                  CHARINDEX(',', processtext, 0) - ( CHARINDEX('base:', processtext, 0) )
                  - 5), log_date,
            SUBSTRING(processtext, CHARINDEX(': {''', processtext, 1) + 4,
                  CHARINDEX('''})', processtext, 0) - ( CHARINDEX(': {''', processtext, 0) )- 4)
FROM @ReportSQLErrorLogs
WHERE processtext LIKE 'Database was restored%'
--For last 24 hours
AND DATEDIFF(HH,log_date,GETDATE()) <=24
ORDER BY log_date DESC
/****** End: Job step script *****/
Output of history table will be as following.

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